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icons, banners, FO banners, layouts, userinfo layouts, etc...

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In order to Join you must add this Journal first. Then go here and comment to be added back. And please, read the rules before Joining. :]

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1. Credit anything you take from this Journal.
2. Do not claim anything you take here yours. (its not nice to have your work stolen)
3. Please comment if you are taking anything. Comments are always appreciated.
4. No direct linking unless I give you permission.
5. Before you ask to be added, add this Journal first.

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About this Journal

This Journal is where I am able to post my graphic art for people to use.
My graphic art includes, icons, banners, FO banner, layouts, color bars, and many more.

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Maintainer of this Journal

degrassi_babe (Thats me)

Have any questions about this Journal? Just contact degrassi_babe (me) at my Journal. :]

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Credit Banner

You may use this button to credit me. Just copy and past this code into your user info.

icons, layouts, banners, etc...

Examples of My work

Coming soon.

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